Responsible Innovation Department - RID

"Act so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of genuine human life" 
(Jonas, 1979)

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In 2012, ISIS created the Responsible-Innovation Department, to provide an exclusive platform dedicated to the research, teaching and sharing of knowledge related to responsible innovation.

In light of recent market events, the role of responsibility has acquired a whole new meaning in the business context. Integrating responsibility into a firm’s innovation activites has become a critical factor towards achieving a competitive advantage. Yet, no global definition or method exists for responsible-innovation and its integration. 

RID aims to create a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise and experience between the academic and business worlds in order to address the current gap relating to responsible-innovation.

ISIS integrates this aspect into its pedagogy programmes, through modules  such as:

'Innovation Process Management' and 'Innovation, Globalisation & Responsibility'  taught to Grande Ecole, Specialised Master and Executive Programmes. 

- Acquire a better understanding of responsible innovation 

What is responsible innovation ?

Learn about responsible innovation with 8 short training videos 

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La Poste - Responsible Innovation in Lorraine

La Poste - Responsible Innovation in Lorraine