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 ESSEC-ISIS (Institute for Strategic Innovation and Services) has developed a collection of cahiers (consisting of 3 series) in order to share experiences, share the results of original projects and suggest a number of case studies and testimonials to illustrate the various concepts.

Researchers, teachers, economic leaders, representatives from public authorities and civil society have all contributed to this collection of cahiers which focus on joint reflections and scientific activity of different fields of innovation, how innovation is stimulated and the evolution of its economic, social and societal consequences. These cahiers seek to set out the ideas and concepts that emerge from these collective projects. Today, the collection is made up of more than 15 titles available at the iBook Store or in printed format.

Most of the cahiers are written under the supervision of Herve MATHE and Xavier PAVIE, respectively President and Director of ISIS.


All available Cahiers :

Thanks to the ongoing relationship ESSEC Business School (ESSEC TV and ISIS) cultivates with Apple, the Institute was chosen to appear for a few seconds in the new iPhone and iCloud advertisement (photos below). ISIS is highlighted in the “Matins de l’Innovation” collection available on iTunes U