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Chair in Innovation & Quality of Daily Life


The Chair in Innovation & Quality of Daily Life is placed under the authority of the Institute for Strategic Innovation and Services (ISIS), the ESSEC Business School center of excellence for services innovations.  

The chair works as a platform for both academic research and scientific events. Through teaching activities, academic researches and consultancy missions for various companies, it is able to produce complex and deep insights in fields such as :

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement in quality of life and related collective debates
  • Definition and measure of quality of life, both in an international and a multi-sector     basis 
  • Importance of innovations and services in the improvement of quality of everyday  life
  • The levers of improvement in quality of life, and the relations between quality of life, motivation and work performance 


  • Integrate innovation into services as a vehicle to enhance quality of everyday life in coordination with a strategic development approach, responsible and sustainable growth 
  • Identify, understand and analyze issues and levers concerning quality of life, and performance factors within organizations 
  • Identify domains where credible measures can be taken in order to shed sharp light on the notion of quality of life
  • Take part in the construction of a platform for applied research and scientific events dedicated to the amelioration of quality of everyday life