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Chair CSC-Innovation and services

CSC is one of the world’s leading players in business consulting, integrating of corporate management solutions and outsourcing.

Reinventing business processes, optimizing IT systems, innovating on products and services through advanced technologies, are complex challenges CSC contributes to address with simple and concrete solutions. The complementarity of these three businesses and the ability to integrate it in a combined approach, are major assets to assisting our clients in managing change.  


The chair in Innovation & Services is placed under the authority of the Institute for Strategic Innovation and Services (ISIS) of ESSEC Business School and is mainly partnered with CSC.Through teaching activities, academic researches and consultancy missions for various companies, the chair is able to produce complex and deep insights in fields such as :    

            ·      Innovation intelligence and design management

            ·      Strategic management of technological innovations in services 

            ·      Promotion of innovation both in services and associated processes

            ·      Congruence between production and distribution chains in clients service delivery         


              ·      Understand and analyze innovation strategies and policies

              ·      Analyze global expansion in a context of increasing tapping into outsourcing opportunities

              ·      Enhance innovation-oriented processes in services

              ·      Promote technological innovations

              ·      Initiate and handle value creation through strategic management of services, high-valued services provision sourcing and coordination of service chains to clients

The "Matins de l'Innovation" cycle is organized in partnership with CSC

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