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publié le 17 sept. 2014 à 01:32 par Celine Cavazzini   [ mis à jour : 17 sept. 2014 à 02:02 ]

Buzás, N. – Lukovics, M. (eds) 2014: Responsible Innovation.

SZTE GTK, Szeged, pp. 13-27.

Addressing the Wicked Problem of Responsible Innovation through Design Thinking

Xavier Pavie – Daphné Carthy

In this paper, we present the results of a study conducted with several major actors from the French financial industry, which aimed at developing a process for developing responsible innovations by deploying a Design Thinking method. We begin by presenting the context for the study which includes a brief description of our approach for understanding and exploring the issues raised by responsible innovation. This first part also includes a comparative analysis of the characteristics of RI (responsible innovation) and wicked  problems in order to establish a potential link between the two concepts. Secondly, the Design Thinking method is introduced as a potentially suitable approach for addressing wicked problems and thus, RI. Finally, the process for developing responsible products and services which was developed throughout the study is presented.