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The Objectives of ISIS

  • To contribute to the productivity increase of the innovative process in services
  • To understand the rise of international competition in services
  • To stimulate the capacity for innovation in commercial and public organizations
  • To establish the mechanisms for strategic management in services
  • To integrate technological advances and breakthroughs
  • To develop measurable indicators of the intensity of innovation in services
  • To help in managerial decision-making
  • To build an international network of economic partners around the world


  • To develop methods to evaluate the capacities of different organizations in termsof innovation and integration of new technologies
  • To formulate techniques to estimate the pertinence and economic significance of relevant projects
  • To capitalize on new ideas, successful experiences, and key factors of success combined. To share best practices


  • To organize and contribute to the ideas of companies regarding methods to stimulate innovation in the service industry
  • To construct and test managerial games, enabling for an increase in performance for service enterprises and facilitating their growth
  • To work towards the consolidation of know-how and managerial competencies in innovation management in the sphere of the service industry